Practical Wisdom for Transformational Change

The world is evolving and most organisations are not keeping up - learn to create real and sustainable change


Change management and other traditional approaches to culture reinforce existing problems.  They do not allow organisations to evolve quickly or sustainably.


Leaders, facilitators, business transformation and culture practitioners, the Adaptive Cultures Accreditation Program is for you if:

  • You know that traditional change methods in an evolving world don’t work

  • You would like to influence organisations to adopt more adaptive and contemporary methods

  • You are motivated to become more effective in facilitating, leading and guiding change

Learn how to adapt yourself and your organisation to move with the forces of evolution rather than try to control or resist them. Join a community of practitioners with passion and purpose for transforming themselves and the world around them.


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Become a more adaptive and courageous culture practitioner, with the knowledge, skills and frameworks to guide effective cultural evolution

Why Join Us?

  • Become part of a global community of practitioners applying contemporary methodologies for working with culture

  • Learn methods specifically developed to support successful cultural evolution

  • Be supported in integrating and practising the methodologies in your daily work to create real time impact

  • Apply new techniques to achieve the results you need

  • Learn innovative methods for galvanising support and working with resistance

  • Create safe environments in any organisation for reflection and challenging the status quo

  • Experience support on your own journey of development to become more capable and effective in guiding and influencing change

Participant Experiences

The Adaptive Cultures Practitioner Accreditation journey has been life-changing for me and quite simply, the most effective and powerful adult learning experience I have had.

Alison and Andrew patiently guide us to be our best selves, celebrating our successes and challenging us to explore deeper and further, both individually and as agents for cultural transformation within our organisations, by drawing on their deep experience, methodology and pure passion for human connection.

Although the pace of the program is flexible, the desire to learn is strong.  The work is infectious, sometimes exhausting, but continually raises our awareness to what is possible - providing a framework upon which we can build our capacity to lead cultural transformation -  celebrating small wins and realising the true impact of incremental change!

The workshop setting is a haven away from the complexity and bustle of a workday where we can focus, reflect and collaborate in a way that enables building meaningful relationships with like-minded peers and developing an expanding practitioner community.

Will you join us?

Georgina Bourke, 2017 Participant

The Adaptive Cultures approach aligns strategy and culture seamlessly ensuring as you work on one you will be working on the other.  For the businesses I work with, in increasingly volatile and changing markets and with resource at a premium, this alignment is critical.

Kirsten Brown, Wholehearted Life Pty Ltd, 2018 Participant

Dear Andrew & Alison,

I want to thank you both personally for the energy, support and wisdom that you shared, both as a group and privately.  Despite all the pre-reading and thinking, I only now appreciate the beauty and clarity of the approach that you have developed, and how it interweaves and connects so many varying and critical principles, instruments and concepts into one unique kaleidoscope!  

We all have a challenging and complex journey ahead, and speaking for myself, I am now more clear than ever that I am on the right road together with the right people.

In closing, allow me to thank you both for your humanity and generosity which you shared with us all so unreservedly, as we start our journeys.

Roger Macmorran, Director, Macmorran Pty, 2018 Participant

I have been working with the Adaptive Cultures approach and framework for about 2 years now and find it the most impactful approach I have ever used. Although Kegan's theory of adult development has long influenced my work in leadership development, for organisational change the adaptive cultures framework and the white paper are so very applicable and understandable to groups who normally do not think this way. In our corporate environment that emphasises the 'hard' over the 'soft stuff' and does not like the word 'culture', we find that engineers, project managers, IT guys and leaders have all been very responsive to the model. It is tangible for them to diagnose where they are and where they need to go for the business to stay successful. The steps to move from one stage to another, as described in the white paper, are practical and clear, and sit well with our groups. 

In these unpredictable times characterised by ambiguity and uncertainty, there is no question that we as individuals and organisations’ must increase our adaptability in order to survive. The Adaptive Cultures approach is the best one I know to help us get there. 

Dr. Nandani Lynton, Global Head of Siemens Leadership Excellence (Siemens AG)

 When leading transformational change at the South Australian EPA I was blessed to be able to draw significantly on the cutting edge approach of Alison and Andrew from Adaptive Cultures.

The best way I can describe their work is to say that it is as if they possess X-ray vision and can see right through to the bones of an organization, as well as ultra-sound-like perception of the vital organs! Their combined experience and unique insight equips them with the extraordinary capacity to ask the kind of questions which elicit and uncover new understanding about where an organisational culture is really at. Not always comfortable questions but essentially revealing in a most powerful way. It also enables them to advise wisely on the right interventions for the organization as a whole as well as the unique requirements of units within to make "change" initiatives more effective. Through their work it became apparent to me that culture change is an evolutionary process, how to wisely navigate the journey in a way that worked for my organizations stage of development, at each challenging step of the way.

I wholeheartedly endorse Alison and Andrew.

Mia Handshin, Immediate past Chair (SA EPA)

The Development Journey

Your Development

  • Understand your own form of mind and stage of psychological development and how this impacts your ability to influence culture

  • Learn ways to develop yourself to be a more effective culture practitioner

  • Learn to hold the tension and be patient yet persistent in your culture work

  • Understand and develop attributes of an effective adaptive culture practitioner

  • Uncover the beliefs and assumptions that may hold you back and begin to work on these

  • Develop expertise in navigating complexity and ambiguity 

Your Organisation’s Development

  • Understand the characteristics of adaptive cultures and how to support them to flourish in your organisation

  • Diagnose your organisation's stage of cultural maturity

  • Apply your knowledge (with expert support) to a live case study, creating real-time shifts in your team or organisational culture

  • Understand the impact and consequence of language and narrative, enabling communication that supports the organisation's cultural aspirations

  • Learn to create environments where people feel comfortable to constructively challenge the status quo

  • Learn to accurately read, observe and influence systems

  • Constructively work with resistance to change

  • Gain insight and apply suggested interventions specific to various stages of cultural maturity

Meet Your Mentors

Together, Andrew and Alison’s wisdom and experiences uniquely combine to create extraordinary results for their clients. Adaptive Cultures is their highest expression of being the type of change they wish to see in the world.

Alison Cameron, Co-founder and Director

Alison is passionate about supporting organisations to be more humane places where humility and vulnerability are celebrated and people are empowered to live authentically and to their highest potential.

In 2010 Alison became the first Australian accredited in the groundbreaking Overcoming the Immunity to Change process, studying directly with renowned Harvard Professors Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey.

Andrew Brown, Co-founder and Director

Andrew’s passion is to support people to bring their innate compassion and wisdom into creating great places to work.

His previous experiences include Head of Learning and Leadership Development for AXA Asia Pacific Holdings, and Chief Actuary and CFO at AXA in Singapore and The Philippines.

Accreditation Process

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Southern Hemisphere: Commencing September 2018

Northern Hemisphere: Commencing January 2019

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Workshop Locations

Southern Hemisphere

Location: Our Australian workshops are held in Queensland, at Villa Sanchea, Currumbin Beach. The villa is a 10-minute drive from Coolangatta Airport.

Workshop Dates: 10th - 12th October 2018

Accommodation: Our recommendation for accommodation is The Rocks Resort, which is a short stroll from the villa. Please phone the resort directly for bookings. 

Villa Sanchea

Northern Hemisphere

Location: Our UK workshops are held at Capron House, West Sussex, within the stunning grounds of Cowdray Estate. Cowdray Estate is a 1-hour train journey from Heathrow Airport. 

Workshop Dates: 20th - 22nd February 2019

Accommodation: Accommodation is available onsite at the Golf Lodge, or at the nearby  Spread Eagle Hotel & Spa. Please contact us for pricing. 

Cowdray Estate

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