Practical wisdom for organisational change

Create real and sustainable change as a leader or culture practitioner. Gain the knowledge and skills you need to effectively guide cultural evolution.

The Adaptive Cultures Practitioner Development Program

Enabling real and sustainable changes as leaders and culture practitioners. Think beyond change management training, discover how to lead genuine cultural evolution.

Adaptive Cultures offers a 12-month experiential program in leading-edge culture transformation methodologies. We’ll help you develop greater confidence, courage and compassion in navigating the significant challenges of transforming systems. It’s a uniquely transformative experience. The program provides leaders and practitioners with the skills, frameworks and support to transform themselves, their practices and their organisations.

Build your capacity to support groups to release the energy tied up in change resistance and unleash the adaptive potential of your organisation.


The Adaptive Cultures frameworks enable organisations to evolve their ways of working by building genuine adaptive capacity.

Identify and analyse the impact of current behaviours and ways of working

Identify and analyse the impact of current behaviours and ways of working

Understand the limitations created by established mindsets and worldviews, and the possibilities liberated by expanding mindsets and worldviews

Understand how established attitudes, behaviours and broader systems influence your culture

Helping you Guide Organisational Transformation

 Influence organisations to adopt more adaptive, leading-edge methods and practices

 Be supported in integrating and practising the methodologies in your daily work to create real-time impact

 Become part of a global community of practitioners, applying contemporary methodologies for working with culture and organisational transformation

Benefits of the Practitioner Development Program

 Grow as a Culture Practitioner

  • Create connected and vibrant environments in any organisation for reflection and challenging the status quo and experimenting with new ways
  • Build the external orientation of more people in your organisation and unleash the capacity of everyone in your organisation to think strategically
  • Engage more people in possibility thinking and co-creating the future
  • Learn innovative methods for galvanising support and working with resistance
  • Learn methods specifically developed to support successful and sustainable cultural evolution
  • Learn to apply the knowledge of cultural stages of evolution to your organisation
  • Understand how your own stage of development impacts your ability to influence as a culture practitioner
  • Create a map of your organisation’s journey of evolution along with initiatives, interventions and changes required along the way

 The Development Journey

  • Deeply immersive workshops
  • Online social learning and community interaction
  • Access to groundbreaking intellectual property including webinars, instructional videos, and a variety of frameworks and methods
  • Regular sharing of insights and ideas
  • Focuses on immediate application and impact through your organisational case studies
  • Ideal for leaders and culture practitioners inside and external to organisations including facilitators, coaches and educators and transformation agents


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Become a more adaptive and courageous culture practitioner, with the knowledge, skills and frameworks to guide effective cultural evolution.



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