Dear Organisation

perspectives Oct 04, 2017

Dear Organisation,

As the new world, like a tidal wave, bears down upon you with its demands to change or die, have courage.

As much as the new world can crush or create you, you have an opportunity to be part of creating it.

With this opportunity comes responsibility. Think deep and hard about the world you would like to be part of creating and then set about, with courage, transforming yourself to be a microcosm of that world.

Know that to do this most often requires a leap into the unknown. If you are to lead into the future, rather than bend to forces outside your control, your efforts are at first likely to conjure up fear, scepticism and resistance in at least equal amounts to encouragement, support and celebration.

We tend to fear what we cannot see, and there are few humans who have yet developed the capacity to tread the next step in front of them, without seeing the end destination. You will need to lead them there.

This is not a simple change you will need to go through, but a metamorphosis. Many of your structures will need to crumble, to make way for the new. Safety nets that have held you too tight, suppressing your ability to co-create, innovate and give birth to the new, will need to be loosened or cut free.

And trust. You will need to learn to trust your people and find ways to liberate their potential in all its startling glory, knowing that, it is this potential, that will help you find new pathways, for achievement and contribution.

As the new world with its faster than light technology moves goalposts more quickly than they can be identified, your strategies will need to be held more lightly. You will need to continue to adapt to what is emerging outside and inside of you, more quickly than you can imagine. Intentional and continual evolution and transmutation are the new normal.

And as we explore with trepidation and awe, the opportunities and challenges of artificial intelligence, robotics and other emerging technologies, whilst grappling with environmental, economic and geopolitical disruptions, you will need to become more profoundly humane. You will need to learn to bring to life the wisdom, compassion and courage that can help to guide humanity successfully through these transitions.

Your heart, hardened over time by a totalitarian regime of spreadsheets, processes and policies will need to soften and open.

Because your mind is not yet big enough to hold the new world, but your heart just might be.

With love,

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