Webinar: Experiencing the Power of Dialogue in Developing Mental Complexity and Critical Thinking

Oct 28, 2021


Experiencing the Power of Dialogue in Developing Mental Complexity and Critical Thinking


One of the keys to ongoing human evolution is development through challenging current world views to expand our mental maps. And yet, many of us – and our clients and colleagues are wired to defend our worldviews in ways that impede collective progress.

Join Alison Cameron, Co-founder of Adaptive Cultures for an experiential webinar: Experiencing the Power of Dialogue in Developing Mental Complexity and Critical Thinking on Wednesday 1 December at 6pm AEDT / 7am GMT.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  1. How to use Socratic questioning to support individuals and groups to question their assumptions and work more effectively with complexity.
  2. About your own ability to suspend your opinions and engage in dialectical thinking to update your mental maps.
  3. More about how to encourage the development of mental complexity in culture interventions.

This session engages participants in using dialogue principles and engaging in dialectical thinking. You will be invited to suspend opinions and explore multiple perspectives on controversial topics such as censorship, government authoritarianism and geopolitical tensions. Intentional learning in a respectful space. Come along with a willingness to expand your mind and heart – to create space for new options and ways of thinking and being in your life and work.

The session will culminate in a debrief of how to effectively apply our learnings as culture leaders and practitioners.



Alison Cameron – Co-founder, Adaptive Cultures

Alison is an internationally acclaimed transformation strategist and a guide to leaders in enabling organisational evolution. Her life has been an exploration of how to enable individual and collective transformation to support the positive evolution of businesses, organisations and communities and through them, our world.

Her work has taken her from the boardrooms of large, multinational corporations working with leaders in business, politics and not-for-profit sectors, to leading social transformation initiatives around the world.

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